Teeth made new

This patient came to me with a nice big chip in both of his front teeth, but he also wanted whiter and brighter teeth at the same time.  Before we can re-shape his teeth permanently, we had to whiten the rest of his teeth. Temporarily, we put in a quick filling where his teeth were chipped and then gave him whitening trays.

After a little bleach and a nice cleaning, he came to the office to finish the restoration of his front teeth. This was him with his temporary fillings in the lower middles of his front top teeth (Class IV MI chips on #8 and 9)
The teeth cant upward towards the middle with the temporary fillings

Notice the shape of the teeth on the bottom before we fixed them
The teeth fixed in the middle, now looks more normal and follows the bottom
lip smile line.  The other discolored composites were also fixed, pictures to
come after my broken lens gets replaced.

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