Mock Board Exams

Every quarter we have to take a clinical exam that mimics the REAL exam we have to take in order to get a dental license.  You have to prove that you can do a hard filling, do a root canal treatment, and provide periodontal therapy to someone before you get licensed.  
Well, here is one of those exams I happened to have my camera out for:

Tooth to be restored, radiographic decay detected

This took sure looks great, wow.  You can't even tell it has a filling in it, BUT the radiograph (x-ray) sure could tell.  It was small, but we decided to re-do this one anyway.

Decay found under the filling after it is removed
The original tooth-colored filling was removed, and look at what is underneath: a BROWN SPOT.  That spot is actually where bacteria have gone underneath the filling and started to make acid and erode the tooth. Gross.

Decay removed and the tooth ready to fill

All of the decay has been removed, and the tooth has been shaped properly to hold in a silver filling in this particular tooth.

Tooth with the silver filling
The tooth was filled with the silver material. As it hardens, the filling is shaped to look like the original tooth and the bite is checked to make sure nothing changed from before they came in.

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