Long - 1st to publish about C.R. Record

Clinic is fun. It really is. My first two weeks of actual multiple patient appointment was NOT. The only adjective to describe it is, well, tired. There is something about the stresses - not knowing where things are, not knowing who to talk to, not knowing how the process works, not knowing any of my patients, wanting to throw my required laptop in the toilet, and then applying previous lab/class knowledge to HUMANS - that is tiring. Only now can I come home from clinic and not need to collapse. If there was ever a time where TV would be a needed prescription, it was those two weeks of clinic.
Now though, clinic is a different story. Seeing patients is a joy. I struggle with unfamiliarity, and now that the awkward phase of my clinic love story is over, I think the future is looking pretty solid. Of course there are things to work on, but when is there NOT things to work on? thought so...

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